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2009 ANZMAC Annual Conference
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ANZMAC 2009 offers well established tracks as well as a number of new tracks for paper submission.

List Track Chairs

  1. B2B marketing - Chair: Dr Sharon Purchase & Dr Catherine Sutton-Brady
  2. Brands and Brand Management - Chair: Dr Deon Nel & Prof Leyland Pitt
  3. Consumer Behaviour - Chair: Assoc Prof Suzan Burton, Assoc Prof David Bednall & Dr Ken Hyde
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics* - Chair: Prof Michael Jay Polonsky & Prof Janet Hoek
  5. International Marketing* - Chair: Dr Stephen Saunders & Assoc Prof Ian Phau
  6. Marketing Communications* - Chair: Dr Gayle Kerr & Prof Doug West
  7. Marketing Education* - Chair: Dr Cathi McMullen & Dr Glenn Pearce
  8. Marketing Metrics and Modelling - Chair: Prof Malcolm Wright & Dr Thomas Salzberger
  9. Public Sector and Not-For-Profit* - Chair: Prof Gillian Sullivan Mort & Prof Adrian Sargeant
  10. Relationship Marketing - Chair: Prof Mike Beverland & Prof Adam Lindgreen
  11. Research Methods* - Chair: Dr Fely Evangelista & Dr Rita Dimascio
  12. Retailing, Pricing and Personal Selling - Chair: Prof Aron O'Cass & Prof John Cadogan
  13. Services Marketing - Chair: Assoc Prof Meredith Lawley, Dr Sandra Gountas & Prof Steve Baron
  14. Strategic Marketing - Chair: Dr Mark Farrell & Prof Albert Caruana
  15. Supply Chain Management, Logistics and e-Business* - Chair: Dr Hugh Pattinson & Dr David Low
  16. Sustainable and Social Issues Marketing* - Chair: Dr Wayne Binney & Dr Matthew Wood
  17. Tourism, Sports and Arts Marketing* - Chair: Prof Sara Dolnicar & Mr Greg Kerr

* For 2009 the ANZMAC and ANZAM conferences will be held back-to-back with Wednesday 2 December 2009 being a combined day. Starred tracks are those that are of interest to both disciplines.



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