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Guidelines for Special Sessions

Special session proposals are welcome, especially on topics that align with the conference theme.

Two options are available for proposers of special sessions:

  1. A set of papers can be submitted through the normal competitive paper process and 'earmarked' as belonging together in one theme or session by separate notification to the conference organisers. The papers will go through the normal review process and appear in the proceedings but in scheduling the papers they will be allocated to one session (where possible) and the session will be marked as a special competitive paper session (with a relevant title). Typically the session proposer would be an author and presenter of one of the papers. A brief additional summary and rationale of the session can be submitted to the conference organisers but will (typically) NOT be included in the conference proceedings, but will assist with the conference planning.
  2. A proposal outlining multiple (minimally 3, preferably 4) papers, with presenter/author details, is submitted separately and directly to the conference organisers.  The proposal will be separately reviewed and should explain the rationale, target audience and the brief contents and contribution of each of the presentations, with a similar maximum page length and layout requirements as apply for separate competitive papers. Accepted special session proposals will appear in the proceedings; individual papers going through this process will NOT be reviewed and not be included in the proceedings. It will be the session chair/proposer's responsibility to ensure the standard and quality of the presentations.

All proposals are due at the same time as general competitive papers, only by exception will late proposals be accepted.

In all cases all presenters need to have registered for the conference by the registration deadline in order for the special session papers to be included in the final conference program.



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