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About the UWA Business School

The UWA Business School academic staff are grouped into four distinct academic disciplines: Accounting & Finance, Economics, Management & Organisations and Marketing.

About the Marketing Discipline Group

The Marketing group maintains a strong research focus with an emphasis on the challenges of marketing, including consumer behaviour, brands and branding, advertising, customer focus, product strategy, and marketing research. A distinct focus on industry is also a feature of this group with many of its members conducting collaborative projects in industries as diverse as the health sector, to the tourism industry and online search engines and service providers.

Marketing Expertise

W/Prof. Geoff Soutar (PhD)


W/Prof. Geoff Soutar (PhD)
Head of Discipline

  • Customer service and customer satisfaction
  • International marketing of education
  • Market orientation research
  • Research methodology
  • Role of value and quality in consumer decision making
  • Service quality
  • Small and medium enterprise research

W/Prof. Jill Sweeney (PhD)


W/Prof. Jill Sweeney (PhD)
Associate Dean (Research & Research Training)

  • Services marketing
  • Word of mouth
  • Customer perceived value
  • Customer co-creation
  • Branding and brand equity
  • Relationship marketing
  • Marketing research

W/Prof. Tim Mazzarol (PhD)


W/Prof. Tim Mazzarol (PhD)
Director of Doctoral Programs

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industry clustering and innovation
  • Innovation and adoption of new technology
  • International education marketing and management
  • International marketing of services
  • Public sector and non-profit marketing
  • Regional enterprise development
  • Small business management
  • Strategic networking and innovation
  • Strategic management
  • Strategic marketing
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Co-operative enterprises

Dr William Ardrey

  • Economic development
  • Financial services marketing
  • Health care and biotechnology
  • Investment marketing
  • Macromarketing

Asst/Prof. Wade Jarvis (PhD)

  • Advertising and promotion strategy
  • Branding and brand equity
  • Choice modelling
  • Data analysis techniques
  • Effect of advertising and promotion

Asst/Prof. Alvin Lee (PhD)

  • Public policy and consumers
  • Susceptibility and receptivity
  • Quantitative marketing research, advanced quantitative methods and modelling
  • Services marketing
  • Facilities management and marketing
  • Business strategy
  • International marketing
  • Retailing
  • Word of mouth and rumour
  • Culture
  • Sports and event marketing
  • Entertainment marketing

Prof. Julie Anne Lee (PhD)

  • Marketing across cultures
  • International marketing
  • Cross-cultural consumer behaviour
  • Consumer psychology
  • Study of personal values
  • Cross-cultural research methods

Prof. Jamie Murphy (PhD)

  • Online marketing
  • Electronic marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Tourism
  • Tourism and technology

Prof. Anthony Pecotich (PhD)

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Cross-cultural research methods
  • Macromarketing
  • Marketing and consumer behaviour in East and Southeast Asia
  • Marketing and development
  • Marketing research
  • Strategic marketing
  • Transition economies

Asst/Prof. Fang Liu (PhD)

  • Advertising and promotion strategy
  • Bilingual and multilingual consumers
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Consumer psychology
  • Cross-cultural consumer studies
  • Global marketing strategy
  • Internet and mobile advertising
  • Marketing in China

W/Prof. Dick Mizerski (PhD)

  • Advertising bans
  • Choice modelling
  • Consumer addictions/vices (alcohol, tobacco, gambling)
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Contemporary marketing issues
  • Effect of advertising and promotion
  • Electronic commerce
  • Electronic/interactive/Internet marketing
  • Gambling
  • International marketing
  • Macromarketing
  • Marketing management
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing to children and adolescents
  • Online gambling
  • Retailing
  • Social marketing
  • Warning labels

Dr Simone Pettigrew

  • Consumer research
  • Health promotion (physical and mental)
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Social marketing
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Childhood obesity
  • Food marketing
  • Vulnerable consumers

Assoc/Prof. Sharon Purchase (PhD)

  • Business relationships and networks
  • Culture within business relationships
  • Electronic commerce
  • Electronic procurement
  • Procurement

Asst/Prof. Joanne Sneddon (PhD)

  • Innovation adoption and diffusion
  • Innovation systems
  • Management of agricultural innovations

Assoc/Prof. Dave Webb (PhD)

  • Environmental marketing
  • Ethical marketing and business ethics
  • Macromarketing
  • Quality of life and well-being studies
  • Happiness and life satisfaction
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Societal marketing
  • Transformational marketing
  • Experiential marketing
  • Social marketing

Examples of PhD, DBA research topics in Marketing

  • A study of consumer preferences for training purchase and the impact of values on attribute importance in Singapore
  • An investigation into the effects of risk and uncertainty on consumers' decision-making processes: a cross-national study
  • Drivers of student satisfaction and student loyalty in an Australian university setting
  • Examining re-patronising intentions formation: the intention-as-wants model
  • Investigating internet adoption and implementation by Malaysian hotels: an exploratory study
  • Leaders' style, ethical strength and employees' job performance
  • Organisational web strategy implementation in Singapore
  • Re-testing the link between youth receptivity to tobacco promotion and their susceptibility to smoke
  • Strategic networking and growth of technology-oriented small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • The effect of price and health information in shifting young children's preference towards healthier food
  • The effects of country and higher education images in mainland Chinese students' intention to enroll in an offshore program
  • The impact of numeric sub-branding on Singaporean Chinese consumers: a conjoint analysis
  • The influence of place attachment on People's choices in a rural town in Western Australia
  • The moderating influence of hedonic consumption in an extended theory of planned behaviour
  • The relevance of strategic human resource management (SHRM) for the growing small business
  • Toward a better understanding of uncommon loyalty: an application in sport
  • Willingness to buy from internet web sites: a suggested model
  • Word-of-mouth: the effect of service quality, customer satisfaction and commitment in a commercial education context

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